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Youth Funding Youth Ideas (YFYI) is a grant-making and education program that uses a youth-led model for social justice philanthropy. We utilize a human-centered approach because we understand that social issues are best understood and addressed by those who experience them directly. Our vision is to support community funded, innovative solutions through creative processes for social justice work, led by young people. Since 2003 we have funded 200+ youth-led projects by providing over 2.5 million dollars and countless hours of individualized support. 

Our Mission: YFYI is a youth-led program that seeks to foster young San Franciscans with the opportunity to expand on their leadership goals by funding their project ideas. You bring the ideas, we bring the tools and support!

Program Coordinator:  Zitlalli Ordonez




Who are we?

The Outreach program consists of a Youth led resource and information distribution team known as Outreach Community liaisons. They are responsible for providing information, resources, and support regarding CHALK's programs to the 11 Districts of San Francisco. They do this by attending community events, street outreach , site visits, workshops, and more.

Program Coordinator: Irlanzujuan Martin (Eli)




Who are We?

Youthline is a Youth Media program where Youth participants known as Youthline interns get the opportunity to learn, practice and refine their media skills. They do this through providing CHALK information through Podcasts, WebZines, and Live and pre recorded TV shows. Come Check us out at our website.

Program Coordinator: Irlanzujuan Martin (Eli)


Reading the Paper


The Career Pathways for Undocumented Youth program is an opportunity for immigrant youth in San Francisco to gain experience in the workforce as well as build connections to education, resources, opportunities and careers. Participants will receive job readiness training and participate in an internship either at another CHALK program or an external site based on their interests.

To express interest in CPU cohort updates and information please email Sandra Rosillo at with the subject line - CPU Email List.

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