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2929 19th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110



The primary goal of this program is to help undocumented young adults gain financial idependence and legally make money in this country. As a part of this program we provide business development training, technical assistance and incubation support. Participants who complete their business plans and engage in program events will be eligible to apply for a micro grant of $5,000 to launch or accelerate their business.

Program Manager: Meagan Cherney



HopeSF CHAMPIONS Youth Leadership

The HOPE SF Youth Leadership Program is a powerful way to surface and invest in youth leadership in public housing. Fifteen youth are carefully selected, trained and supported to be ‘Champions’ – young people who share a passion for civic engagement, political education, and advocacy. 


The HOPE SF Champions represent the potential of youth power. Our Champions participate in an 18-month paid leadership development, service learning program that aims to disrupt hopelessness in public housing. Over their term, Champions receive over 80 hours of leadership training, intern at the San Francisco Mayor’s Office, and run youth-led projects that benefit residents in HOPE SF communities. 



The leadership program targets youth 16 to 22 years old who reside in the four HOPE SF public housing sites: Alice Griffith, Huntersview, Potrero Hill, and Sunnydale. The demographic make-up of the Champions closely align with the demographic make-up of all HOPE SF residents – 50% African American; 20% Latinx; 10% Asian; 10% Pacific Islander; 10% other.

Champions are highly motivated to be the voice of public housing. Given their lived experience, they are highly qualified and effective in conducting peer to peer community engagement and act as liaisons to residents in public housing. Champions are trusted agents of social change.

Program Manager: Chloe Underdue



YAJC (Young Adult Job Center)

-The Young Adult Job Center (YAJC), provides a space for young adult job seekers to receive career coaching, job search, resume writing support, post secondary education enrollment, and access to work readiness training.This space is open M-F from 9am-5:30 pm daily,Drop in hours are Wednesday 10-5:30 pm and Thursday 10-6:30pm; Drop in hours are meant for easier access to the career coach service and job center computer lab.The Young Adult Job center is for any job seeker ages 16-24 years old regardless of residency or status.

LTF Workforce Manager: Jennifer Robles



RTP (Roadmap To Peace)

Roadmap to Peace was born out of an urgent community call to action and change after six Latinx youth were killed over a five-week period in 2012 in the Mission District. In response to the shootings, the Mission Peace Collaborative, a longstanding community coalition, organized a community town hall. Attended by over 300 community members, the town hall concluded that existing systems, strategies, and policies were ineffective in addressing the needs of San Francisco’s most disconnected Latinx youth. They determined that a new, comprehensive, community-driven strategy was needed. Latinx organizations embarked on a two-year community planning process that included multiple town halls, working groups, and community report backs, resulting in a collective vision. In November 2013, that vision was identified as Roadmap to Peace (RTP).

Program Manager: Bianca Sanchez


LTF (Latino Task Force)

Local data from public health departments reveal that Latinos are disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus in San Francisco, this reflects nationwide numbers that the virus is hitting communities of color the hardest. What it doesn't show is the outpouring of community response and resiliency in addressing the multiple needs of the Latino community. This comprehensive user-friendly website is part of a larger response and advocacy effort led by The San Francisco Latino Task Force on COVID-19. The LTF is a group of more than 3 dozen community-based organizations, along with City Government partners, that are working together to meet the needs of our immigrants, families, elders, houseless, LGBTQ, youth, and other Latino populations who are experiencing challenging times during the pandemic.

Program Manager: Maritza Gomez


LTF/OFA (Opportunities For All)

"The LTF OFA Internship Program is a collaborative effort between the SF Human Rights Commission, Opportunity For All (OFA) provided by the office of Mayor London Breed and the San Francisco Latino Task Force (LTF). This program is designed to create opportunity and access through career exploration and workforce development for San Francisco’s youth and young adults. The initiative includes stipend paid based internships, mentorship and pathways to employment, including job readiness and career training for participants ages 18 to 24."

Manager of Education & Career Pathways : Estefania Lopez



Care Ambassadors

CARE Ambassadors is a program for those who are looking to develop their skills in the workforce . We offer valuable paid work experience, and job placement assistance in order to support youth with upward mobility and career advancement through, Paid internships, Job readiness training and academic support, career coaching, and case management.

LTF Workforce Manager: Jennifer Robles 


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