Youth Funding Youth Ideas (YFYI) Community Funder

Community Funders are responsible for giving grants to youth-led projects that want to create change in their communities. Community Funders interview applicants, facilitate workshops, manage social media and decide which youth-led projects to give money to so that young people can lead their own projects. Community Funders will decide how to give out $200,000!

Community Outreach Worker

Community Outreach Workers are a group of young leaders who work directly in the community. As front-line staff, Outreach Workers provide youth and their allies with resources and information and employment opportunities. Outreach Workers inform the community about CHALK programs and build connections throughout San Francisco. Also, they will are responsible for co-facilitating a youth-led employment drop-in program that helps 16-24 years olds find jobs.

YouthLINE Technology Intern

Youthline Technology Interns will get hands-on experience with real-world digital media technology. Interns will be given creative assignments, including hosting our live television show, web design, photography, and journalism. Youth learn to use software that include Adobe Suite, Reasons, and more! Interns also create short videos and commercials, usually focused on topics youth are most interested in.

Career Pathways for Undocumented Youth

The Career Pathways for Undocumented Youth program is an opportunity for immigrant youth in San Francisco to gain experience in the workforce as well as build connections to education, resources, opportunities and careers. Participants will receive job readiness training and participate in an internship either at another CHALK program or an external site based on their interests.

After School Program Leaders

We are seeking committed and passionate young adults to inspire students by leading academic, physical, and enrichment activities as part of the after-school programs team at BACR. As a program leader, you will lead and mentor up to 20 youth in an expanded learning setting. Be part of an innovative and creative team that impacts the community, makes the world a better place and provides equity in education. Workshops will be included!

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