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What You Need to Know

Communities In Harmony Advocating For Learning and Kids or CHALK, founded in 1996 is a youth-led project providing a range of youth services with a specific focus on transformative youth development and employment.

CHALK is a BACR, Bay Area Community Resource workforce program. 

We Believe Young People can do anything with the appropriate amount of training and support.

Who is BACR?

For more than four decades, Bay Area Community Resources (BACR) has been delivering a wide range of services to schools and other community settings throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Services are clustered in program areas that include expanded learning, behavioral and mental health, fiscal sponsorship, healthy communities, national service, and youth workforce and re-entry.
Each year, BACR provides strengths-based, trauma-informed direct services to tens of thousands of people. We continually witness the strength and resilience of the individuals and families we serve who are often those most adversely impacted by systemic racism, poverty, and inequitable access to resources and opportunities.
During this time, the organization has remained steadfast to our mission: promoting the healthy development of individuals, families, and communities. We are grateful for the opportunity to support communities throughout the Bay Area, promoting resilience, health and justice and to our dedicated staff who serve those communities with compassion, passion, creativity and talent.



What You Need to Know

  • YouthLine Tech: a job training program for youth ages 14 - 17 interested in careers in technology and media

  • Youth Funding Youth Ideas: a youth-led grant making program

  • Career Pathways for Undocumented Youth: a career exploration and work experience program providing undocumented youth, ages 14 - 24, with cohort based job training and internships in career pathways including health care, entrepreneurship, tech and more.

  • HOPE SF Champions



Adress: 271 Austin St. San Francisco CA, 94109

Phone Number: (415) 977-6949

Fax: (415) 977-6950

Manager of CHALK Programs: Sandra Rosillo


Organization email:

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